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Iron GM Champ Announces Retirement


PUTNAM COUNTY, NY – June 12th, 2013 – Reigning Iron GM champion Erik “GM Necessary Evil” Frankhouse announced today that after winning the Iron GM World Championship this coming August, he plans to retire.

In his hallmark style, the cocky Frankhouse opined, “I was the first to take a perfect score. I’ll be the first to win three times in a row. After that, what have I got to prove, really? It’ll just be depressing for everyone else to keep losing.”

GM Necessary Evil is one of three members of the Iron GM Two-Timers club, which includes former champions Nathan “GM Dreads” Collins and Steve “GM Ancient Sensei” Helt, both of whom have also won the event two times. To date, no GM has won the Iron GM World Championship three times in a row.

About Iron GM: Iron GM puts an exciting tournament system in the hands of game store owners and convention organizers – a competition of wit, stamina and creative potency. The annual Iron GM Championship at Gen Con Indy attracts worldwide competitors.

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