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Run a Licensed Iron GM Event – FREE You’ve got great game. Iron GM® can pull in even more players.

At Iron GM, we’re serious about growing tabletop gaming, from the grass-roots up. We’ve written an Event Guide and crafted a license so you can play our nationally touring, breakout hit at your store or show, with any game system, as often as you like. Free.

What Iron GM Can Do For You

We put everything we learned from years on the tournament circuit into our Guide, including every bit of effective advice we know for drawing gamers in to play. We’ve used these tips to raise awareness and drive attendance. We want Iron GM to do the same for you.

What’s in the Iron GM Local Event Guide?

How Do I Get It?

Getting a copy of the Iron GM Local Event Guide is as easy as filling out that form there on the right and hitting the GIMMEE! button. In short order we’ll email you a copy of the guide, including tournament-proven advice to pack some real wallop into your Iron GM Local event.

More Coming Soon

After you fill out the form and hit the GIMMEE! button we’ll email you a copy of the Iron GM Local Event Guide, but you’ve got even more free stuff coming. As soon as they’re ready, we’ll also email you advertising materials to help you promote your event. Including:

Iron GM Local Event Guide

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