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Iron GM to Attend Totalcon 2013


MANSFIELD, MA – December 1, 2012 – TotalCon, New England’s largest hobby gaming convention, announced today that it will again host an Iron GM Regional Semi-Final. TotalCon will be held in Mansfield, Massachusetts at the Holiday Inn from February 21st through the 24th, 2013. Iron GM | TotalCon takes place on Saturday, February 23rd.

TotalCon will host the Iron GM Regional Semi-Final and all participants, players and GMs, will be eligible to receive prizes. The winner of Iron GM | TotalCon will win a free trip to Gen Con Indy 2013.

Iron GM participation is open to all TotalCon attendees for a small registration fee. Registration will be available at the TotalCon website located at by January 2013.

About Total Confusion: TotalCon is New England’s Largest TableTop Adventure Gaming Convention. TotalCon hosts events in miniature games, board games, role-playing games, ccg’s, and video games plus several tournaments and regional championships. On the Web:

About Iron GM: Iron GM puts an exciting tournament system in the hands of game store owners and convention organizers – a competition of wit, stamina and creative potency. The annual Iron GM Championship at Gen Con Indy attracts worldwide competitors.

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